McDonald's has spent the last several years reshaping their image. Although Millenials get blamed for many things, one positive trend that they don't get enough credit for is ushering in the age of health intelligence. Yes, gluten allergies and weird diets seem to be on the rise, but the increased concern about food has caused many companies to rethink their branding strategies. McDonald's has added healthier options to their menus, and they are also in the process of changing their image. The veteran fast-food chain is heading into the future, and their latest flagship store in Chicago shows just how invested they are in revamping their style. 

The recently unveiled Chicago location has been compared to an Apple store due to the simple but intuitive design.  The new location features kiosks for customers to order from, table service,  mobile order and pay, delivery, and charging stations. Other than technological advances, the new McDonald's will also focus on sustainability. There are on-site solar panels helping power the building, as well as an indoor garden and over 70 trees at ground level. Designed by the Chicago-based firm Ross Barney Architects, McDonald's plans on remodeling the majority of their locations by 2020. Welcome to the future of fast food.