Maxo Kream has been consistently putting out solid work, from #Maxo187, to The Persona Tape, to his brand new album Punken. If you haven't yet heard it, the Tame Impala sampling "Pop Another" is a stellar starting point. Suffice it to say, Maxo has been quietly standing out as one of the game's hardest up-and-coming lyricists, combining some rugged hood vibes with an unflinching of gallows humor. Now, Maxo hit up Pigeons and Planes for the latest edition of their "Trending Topics" series, which finds the Houston rapper analyzing and rating a variety of subjects, including GTA 5, Punken, Popeyes, and more.

When asked about the popular video game Grand Theft Auto 5, Maxo reveals his inner geek, stating "I ain't gon' lie, that's what held up my album...I'm still a mark-ass busta on that, I'm like level twenty-eight." He proceeds to drop the "gun code" off the top of the dome, which is an impressive feat...although, to be fair, some gamers prefer to keep their games cheat-free. 

He goes on the praise the glorious day when IHop had free pancakes and Popeyes had the two-for-a-dollar special. "I went on six dates like yeah baby you hungry? It's on me, get what you want! That tweet had to be from 09?" On a more serious note, he reflects on a time when he performed for his hood "on some 8 Mile shit", only to choke a la B Rabbit. However, he ended up winning back the crowd when he dropped a Big Sean cover, as well as Kendrick Lamar's "Rigamortis." For more from Maxo, check out the full video below.