It's the Pelicans' loss according to Master P.

In a recent interview with TMZ SPorts, the No Limit honcho and music mogul gave us an interesting piece of recent history when he revealed that he was actually up for an assistant coaching position with the New Orleans Pelicans last year. 

"I feel like I could help the New Orleans team this year. You know I was up for that job last year as an assistant coach," While he did not ultimately disclose what made the Pelicans decide to go in another direction, he explains that he certainly had plenty to offer.

"I would've turned that team around because I know how to deal with those personalities. With Boogie (DeMarcus Cousins), with Anthony Davis, that's a lot of talent. But, it also needs somebody to understand them. I feel like I could have gave them that push." Percy added, "That should be a championship team right now."

He went on to add some more logical points, alluding to his popularity potentially leading to a rise in interest from fans, especially considering his status as an icon who calls the city home. Of course, we can't forget his own expereince as a career basketball player, dabbling in professional leagues including a brief stint in the NBA, having been extended contracts from both the Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors before playing in the minor leagues.

All the while, Master P will get to flex his coaching skills later on this month when he coaches the New Orleans Gators in place of Lisa Leslie in a match hosted by his own Global Mixed Gender Basketball League.