Mary J. Blige's charity has been revealed to be having some major problems as of late.

The NY Post reports that singer's charity has failed to file its federal tax returns for 2010, which were due in November, along with its annual state-charity registration. As well, the charity is now being hit with two lawsuits, one claiming that musicians who performed at its 2011 fundraising gala weren't paid, and another claiming its defaulted on a $25,000 loan.

Blige's perfume, called 'My Life,' sold 60,000 bottles within the first six hours it debuted on the Home Shopping Network, and a dollar from each sale was supposed to go to The Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, aka FFAWN. However, it is unknown where the money went, as the group’s 2010 annual report did not include any information on its finances. In addition to this, charity seemingly no longer has an office, as a receptionist at the office said that the charity was no longer there and she didn't know where it had moved to.

In addition to all the money from the sale of Blige's fragance, there were other big names who donated to  FFAWN. Jay-Z donated $25,000, Stoute gave $35,000 in 2009, Gucci handed over $50,000 and Walmart gave $33,500.