Louis C.K. made his first comedic appearance this past weekend after 10 months of self-imposed exile. Last year, Louis became one of the many men to become exposed by the #MeToo movement. He was accused of showing his genitals to, and masturbating in front of, several female co-workers. Louis admitted to his wrong-doing immediately, and subsequently lost a few jobs and disappeared from sight. After he decided to return to the Comedy Cellar, a comedy club he has been frequenting for a decade, many critics spoke out against the comedian. 

While many believe that Louis C.K. doesn't deserve to be in the spotlight anymore, Michael Che was one of the first among his peers to defend him. The SNL comedian questioned America's view of fame, and how much it is worshipped. "He can be shamed, humiliated, lose millions of dollars, lose all of his projects, lose the respect of a lot of his fans and peers, and whatever else that comes with what he did," stated Che. "But since he can still do a comedy set for free at a 200 seat club a year later, it means he got off easy. THAT’s how coveted fame is.” Now, Marlon Wayans is also defending Louis C.K.'s return. 

TMZ caught up with the Wayans brother, who stated that he thinks Louis C.K. "needs" to be back on stage. "Comics need the stage," Wayans began. "That's where we express and that's where we take all our anxieties and life depressions, we put them on stage and we make people laugh. I think being away from the craft for a long time, I think he wants to come back and talk about it. He's apologetic and sincere and funny, so I hope he finds the funny in it. Nobody may understand that journey, but comedians we go in dark caves and we come out with these little light things called jokes."