After a record-breaking Christmas, where she became the most-streamed artist in one day, Mariah Carey has returned to the place which all celebrities eventually do: the beach. After a Christmas season packed with shows (Carey has released the only contemporary classic Christmas carol) and 24 hours a day of Christmas music (seriously), the singer was likely very content to retire to St. Barth and not hear her inescapable "All I Want For Christmas Is You" for at least a few seconds at a time. 

Accompanying her were her children, Monroe and Moroccan (Nick Cannon's kids) as well as her two-year boyfriend Bryan Tanaka who has been her back-up dancer since 2006 and, on this trip, her photographer. Tanaka has, for some reason, brought an iPhone into the ocean to photograph Mimi and her children. He is also wearing an upside down, backwards, baby-blue visor...a shout-out to the era of Mariah's prime?


Carey, for her part, is also wearing a ridiculous (but original) bathing suit that might be better described as a wetsuit. In the above photo, she looks to be practicing for her upcoming Caution tour, where she may meet another backup dancer to date ten years down the line.