Last week, Tekashi 6ix9ine's trial took many odd turns that had people confused about what was going down and where it would all leadFOX 5 News reporter, Lisa Evers, was present at the trial and she stopped by HOT 97 to give a breakdown of what she saw. 

She started by clarifying that Tekashi has already pleaded guilty to nine serious felony counts and has already received a sentence for 47 years to life. However, as we probably all know, he has been incredibly cooperative with the Feds' investigation - name-dropping gang affiliates and detailing their actions - so there's speculation that his sentence will be reduced.

On Tek's demeanor, Evers commented that "his bravado is gone", yet still appears "extremely confident" despite the "super imposing" environment of the federal courtroom. Photos from the courtroom have shown that the rapper is no longer sporting his rainbow-dyed hair, as he has switched it out for a single dark tone. The hair change was a deliberate move to distance himself from the attention-seeking persona that got him into this mess.

HOT 97 host, TT Torrez, shared her conviction that both 6ix9ine's confidence in the courtroom and willingness to engage in incriminating acts beforehand were a result of him being connected with the Feds. 6ix9ine said in court that he only began sharing information with the Feds the day after being arrested, but conspiracy theories on the street hypothesize that he may have been an informant before that. Evers did mention that there was a shocking amount of evidence presented at the trial, but the Feds have been looking into the Nine Trey gang since 2013. 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Evers also gave some details on what the courtroom looked like throughout the trial. She said that "almost half the courtroom was filled with people who appeared to have Bloods affiliation", reporting that she saw "a lot of red" - as if it were "family at a wedding." 6ix9ine has been brought into the room via secret tunnel and other people must pass through extensive security to get in. Evers said there was more security than usual, as there are fears that 6ix9ine may be taken out due to him snitching on gang members. 

We'll continue keeping you posted on the latest proceedings in the trial as it continues this week.