Unfortunately, most of the time you hear about sneaker deals in the news, they end in tragedy as an opportunistic person takes advantage of those selling the shoes. However, a story went viral on social media recently that will certainly warm your heart. A San Bernardino man by the name of Connor McBride was looking to sell his Air Jordan 13 "Flint's" that he acquired over the weekend.

As the story goes, a man by the name of Gustavo hit him up on social media asking if the shoes were still available. Instead of offering money, Gustavo asked McBride if he would take a female German Shepherd puppy instead. Gustavo seemingly had a whole litter he was trying to find homes for, and McBride accepted. Eventually, McBride posted the whole interaction on Twitter, and people immediately fell in love with both the story and the puppy.

For those wondering, McBride named his new best friend "Flint" which makes the story that much more adorable. If you're McBride, this trade is especially good as a new German Shepherd puppy could cost you up to $1000 USD. In the end, Gustavo found a loving home for one of his pups, he got his shoes, and McBride has a cute new companion.

Sometimes, the world does, in fact, produce good news.