The Making A Murderer saga continues today as Steven Avery's attorney, Kathleen Zellner, is promising to dig some skeletons, not out of the closet, but out of the Manitowoc gravel pit. She Tweeted that she was "hopeful" that she could get a doctor to do a DNA test on some bones:

We are hopeful that the brilliant w/ a MD/PhD from Harvard & pioneer of Rapid ID DNA will be allowed to test the MCGP bones so the truth will be known about this tragic case.

The show's second season came out in October and did not lead to much new information and ended up seeming, to many, like a cash-in on the popularity of the sensational first season, which many thought was exploiting the lives and deaths of real people in the name of good TV. Is the defence grasping at television-straws or is Zellner and the show's digging important legal work? According to Zellner, there's a more pressing question:

The question is why are so many “human bones” documented by Dr. Eisenberg on her worksheets as being located in the Manitowoc Gravel Pit but never mentioned by State at trial?

Although (as you can see above) she's got a bit of a Grinchy smile, Zellner may be right.