EA Sports' Madden NFL 19 releases worldwide tomorrow and if you plan on picking up the game to play online or against your friends in real life, you'll want to refresh your memory on all of the buttons. Most importantly, you're going to want to know how to take advantage of Madden's new signature touchdown celebrations so you can properly rub it in your opponent's face.

Like last year, you can still taunt your opponent on the way to the endzone by holding L2 + R2 + X (PS4) or if you're using Xbox, LT + RT + A. After scoring a touchdown in Madden 19 you'll see an R3 (PS4) or an RS (Xbox One) icon appear over the scoring player's head. Depending on which direction you press will determine what kind of celebration your player performs.

For instance, clicking right will result in a spike, up will call for a team celebration, left brings on a dance and down prompts a player's signature celebration. Additionally, if you click in on the right analog stick you'll see a player's "Swagger Celebration." 

Check out the tutorial video below that shows exactly how to perform each type of touchdown celebration on PS4 or XBox.