According to TMZ, Macklemore is lucky to be alive right now after his Mercedes was struck head-on by a drunk driver in a pickup truck Friday night in Washington.

The accident apparently took place around 11 PM in Langley, Washington, a remote island town 90 minutes north of Seattle. According to the police, the pickup driver was rounding a bend when he crossed into oncoming traffic and hit Macklemore's Benz.

Police say the pickup truck driver wasn't wearing a seat belt and smashed his head into the windshield, leaving him unconscious and bleeding. According to the report, the guy told officers on scene he had a drink "awhile back."  When asked how much, cops said he replied ..."5 o’clock.” The driver was eventually taken to a hospital for treatment, where Washington State Police say he’ll be charged with a DUI.

 Thankfully no one was serious hurt though. Macklemore had two passengers in his car, one who was treated for minor cuts & the other (including Macklemore) were able to walk away emotionally shaken.

Don’t be surprised if we hear more about this story/night on wax in the coming months.