With the release of a new mixtape from Rich Homie Quan last night, (somewhat suspiciously on the same day his former rapping partner dropped Slime Season), we decided to focus our latest lyric quiz on a soon-to-be-classic RHQ single "Type of Way." The record served as Rich Homie's break out, simultaneously catapulting a new turn of phrase into every day usage-- everybody feeling 'some type of way' these days. Chances are you still hear the Atlanta rapper's melody in your head whenever you see that phrase.

That melody is why it's so fun to sing along, but, as is often the case with this generation of Atlanta trappers, it's hard to always understand the lyrics. So fans may try to slide by with a few incoherent "*mumble *mumble" until the big finale, "TYPE OF WAY!" 

Are you one of those fans? Take our quiz below.

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