Good news for Lupe Fiasco fans: DROGAS is complete. Not only is it complete, but it is a "masterwork," according to Lupe. "It reminds of a great film like life aquatic or goodfellas," he wrote on Twitter. "Very proud of it."

He added that Skulls, the follow-up album to DROGAS, is nearly complete. 

Lupe has taken his fans on an emotional roller coaster over the course of the past year. A brief recap:

April 2016: Lupe scraps Roy, promises three albums before the end of the year.

October 2016: Lupe hints that he might not release any albums before the end of the year.

December 2016: Lupe retires amidst anti-semitism controversy.

December 2016: Lupe unretires.

February 2017: Lupe releases DROGAS Light.