Earlier this year, Lupe Fiasco promised he would be releasing three albums this year. It’s April, and we don’t have anything from the talented Chicago emcee aside from cover art for the first release DROGAS. We have faith in Lupe, and today he gave us an update via Twitter.

While Lupe didn’t give us new music, or even a tracklist, he did let us know that the albums he’s releasing have been changed. Before, the plan was to release DROGAS, then SKULLS, and finally Roy. He also previously said Roy would be his final album.

The new order of albums for this year is DROGAS, DROGAS light*, and SKULLS. He said that Roy will not be one of the albums releasing this year, and said that SKULLS will now be his final release. Roy is seemingly defunct. He didn’t elaborate on the significance of the asterisk attached to the second album either.