Everyone who has heard even the slightest of information regarding the Jussie Smollett drama has formed an opinion about it. Reports have run rampant and the narrative regarding what went down the early morning when Smollett was attacked has been up for debate. Some supporters stand behind the actor, believing that he is innocent of the accusations, while there are others who think Smollett has lied to the masses. Then, there are those who believe he lied, yet they still lend their support. Social media is divided while no one truly knows what happened.

The former Love & Hip Hop star Milan Christopher shared his opinion on the unfolding, real-life drama with TMZ. He thinks that the whole thing was "a plot to grow someone's brand and give them a more powerful voice," Christopher said in the clip. "I mean look at his followers. His followers were one day at two million and now I think it's at like 5.8. To me, it still sounds like a hoax. It still sounds like a ploy. So my idea of the scenario has not changed because everything about the story has changed...except my opinion about it."

Christopher, who happens to be gay, also said that this scandal will now affect how people see black gay men and fears that future victims will go unbelieved when reporting instances of violence and harassment.