The current production of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has come to a halt today, after a report from TMZ confirmed that a staffer involved with the show was the victim of a hit and run in a parking lot where a shoot was being prepped.

As the footage above indicates, the aftermath of the scary incident had a degree of deadly seriousness to it. Apparently, it all went down last Wednesday at the cluster of high-end Buckhead shops where Mimi Faust and the rest of the show's team were getting ready to let the cameras roll. However, before the action could commence, one of the security guards that is involved with the production was run over by an angry mall customer near where the show's presence was set up.

No arrests have been made yet, but sources have painted a somewhat detailed picture of the incident, which involved the security guard in question supposedly saving a parking spot for one of the show's employee, which didn't sit well with the customer behind the wheel. He revved his engine before deliberately striking the guard, injuring his left leg. He reportedly went into a golf store before leaving the scene, but video surveillance of the incident has been obtained by local authorities.

There's no word on how seriously or not the security guard was hurt, but judging from the number of paramedics who arrived on the scene, there was certainly a high cause for concern. No updates on his health have been made public at the time of this writing.