In this week's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode, the cast face each other in the season's reunion. As such, the overwhelming tension lurking within finally bubbles to the top in this explosive part one of the reunion. 

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead.


Joc had to face the music in this week's episode as visuals of his time on this season were broadcasted for all to see. We revisited the numerous issues the reality star encountered and how it negatively impacted his relationship with his new bae, Kendra. Eventually, the inevitable topic surrounding what went down between Joc and Karlie Redd at that infamous ranch came up again and the cast members thought it best to put it all to rest. Both Karlie and Young Joc publicly confirmed that despite bouts of flirtation, the two had never hooked up during their stay on the ranch. The latter surely reassured Kendra, who seemed displeased with the question being posed at all. 


Stevie J's marriage to Faith Evans was revisited as the crowd cheered on. Though the camera quickly turned to an unimpressed Mimi, who was still salty about Stevie J announcing his marriage to his daughter without letting Mimi know first. Stevie J apologized for doing so as he could clearly see the issue still worked Mimi. And when the reunion host asked Stevie if he still had feelings for Mimi, hence why he kept toying with her relationships, the reality star vehemently denied it. That is when Mimi's girlfriend Ty stepped in.

Clearly, Stevie J and Ty are still at odds and we have seen the peak of this in the series finale. Both Mimi and Ty are both upset at Stevie J for the public apology he issued to Ty. As you may recall, Stevie J posted a poorly worded "apology" to Ty after he threw shade at her on several occasions with regards to her caring for his daughter, Eva. The two butt heads at the reunion, but no fights occurred.  


Throughout the season, it has been certainly noticed that Bambi, Scrappy and Erica Dixon rarely (if ever) were filmed together. This was addressed in part one of the series' reunion as the cast members faced each other for the very first time. The host began questioning the trio about what went down at Emani's birthday and all hell broke loose. Bambi felt that Erica was jealous of her relationship with Scrappy and even more so because she recently had his baby.

Scrappy agreed with Bambi and also hinted that Erica exhibited poor communication and pettiness towards him in all their interactions. In the thick of accusations, Erica Dixon surely did not remain mute. Not only did she expose Scrappy for owing her at least three months worth of child support, but she also blamed Bambi of keeping Scrappy on a tight leash due to insecurity. Dixon alleged that the latter keeps them from being able to responsibly co-parent their daughter Emani. In the end, Rasheeda stepped in and emphasized that the trio needed to work together and prioritize their children in all their interactions. 


In the previous episode, Sierra admitted to having some important information about Pooh which she planned to reveal eventually. And the reality star was one of the many to take jabs at Pooh at the reunion. As tension rose, Sierra finally let everybody in on the tea. Apparently, Pooh and her husband Hiram are not married. Sierra proudly stated that the pair never legally confirmed their marriage and Pooh immediately clapped back. The reunion host confirmed that the show did their research and found out that Sierra's claims were true. Pooh brushed off the accusations and affirmed she felt no need to defend her marital status to strangers.


It is no secret that Pooh and Karlie's drama was central to this season. Viewers and cast members alike spent the entire time inquiring about several things: Did Karlie really have a threesome with Pooh and her husband? Did Karlie defecate on the sheets? Did Karlie dip inside of Pooh's cookie jar? While all of these questions remained, Karlie attempted to refute all claims with the help of a lie detector test. She revealed the results which supported her stance that Pooh was lying about the affair all along. Though many fans of the show believed the test could only be trusted if it were administered by an unbiased third party.

Hence to finally put the situation to rest and answer the burning question, the Love & Hip Hop franchise decided to administer their own lie detector test. Interestingly, only Karlie agreed to sit down and take it. Pooh claimed that she did not trust the show and would rather have her test taken by a trusted, unbiased third party. Of course, to keep the tension going, the test results were withheld for the next episode. Therefore, you might want to make sure to check back in next week to get the results in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion part two.