In this week's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode, the crew reminisces on their wild time in Trinidad, Joc calls on Shekinah to handle his business affairs, Scrapp DeLeon wants to keep things light and fun, Rasheeda finally sits down with Jasmine & more.  

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead.  


After the drama-filled trip that was Trinidad, Joc and Kendra are finally on good terms. Despite his boo not wanting kids, Joc is still adamant about proposing to her. During a conversation with Shekinah, Joc shares the wonderful news and Shekinah is truly happy for them. And although all is well in Joc's personal life, he admits things have been a bit sticky on the business end. Joc reveals his role as an investor and business partner to a hair salon owner, Sharonda. Their business relationship has been suffering for some time now due to Sharonda's alleged attitude issues. In an attempt to remedy the situation, Shekinah agreed to pay a visit to Sharonda to get to the bottom of things.

Indubitably, the reality star first clashes with Sharonda and eventually finds out shocking news. Upon attempting to understand what Sharonda's deal is, the hairstylist spills that the reason why the business has been suffering so much is because of Joc. Sharonda is constantly forced to fire hairstylists because Joc flirts with them and shows favoritism. The latter makes the hairstylists act out and be disrespectful towards Sharonda, which then fuels their dismissal. Shekinah, who was on Joc's side at first, ran with the news and surely did not look back. We expect this to unfold in the upcoming episodes. 


Karlie Redd previously shared with fellow cast members that she's been experiencing some issues with her fiance Mo. Her future husband's control-freak tendencies, reflected in him setting "curfews" on Karlie, have been causing some problems in their relationship. Following advice from her girls, Karlie decided to seek help from couple's counselor Dr. Jeff. The duo's sitdown with the love expert did not go well and shed light on deeper issues they may be having.

Eventually, Mo' walked out because he could not take the heat of the conversation despite Dr. Jeff pleading for him to stay. Of course, to add fuel to the fire, he removed his engagement ring on his way out. Dr. Jef' encouraged Karlie to love herself and hinted she should leave due to Mo's clear inability to express his emotions in a healthy way. 


The last we've seen of BK, he was walking out on Sierra after she admitted to cheating on him. The cabin trip ended in a sour manner for the two and they decided to call it quits. In this week's episode, however, BK decides to pop back into Sierra's life. BK showed up to Sierra's house with the fake premise that he wanted to see their dog, but really, he missed her. Eventually, the conversation turned left and Sierra began throwing punches at her ex. Clearly, the reality television star has moved on and wanted nothing to do with him. In fact, we are pretty certain she has set her sights on fellow cast member Scrapp DeLeon.

Scrapp, on the other hand, might not be on the same page. While hanging out with the boys, Scrapp revealed that despite the many women in his life, he is only looking to keep things light. He revealed some interest in Sierra but emphasized on not wanting to rush anything. He felt the need to re-emphasize that when Sierra went on Instagram live to publicly insult her ex. 


For several seasons now, we have waited on the day Jasmine and Rasheeda would have a sit-down. And after the prior episodes wherein Rasheeda discovered that Kirk was secretly communicating with his baby mother, Rasheeda's stepping in felt timely. Although we may have expected things end badly, as it has numerous times in the past, their interaction remained peaceful. The two discussed a better communication arrangement for Cameron. Indeed, their conversation went so well that Jasmine admitted to seeing Rasheeda in a more positive light. It is great to see the families working together for the children's sake.