In this week's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode, the jig is up for Kirk's secret phone line and Rasheeda is furious, Karlie Redd and Pooh Hicks bring in the lie detector test, Sierra is feeling someone new and more...

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead.  


Spice finally joins the rest of the cast in Trinidad. After a joyful trip to the Gambia, the dancehall Queen admits to feeling mixed emotions with regards to her enduring black hypocrisy agenda. Upon realizing that bleaching one's skin is an acceptable practice in the Gambia, the performer even hesitated to play the "Black Hypocrisy" track at the African show. Though, considering her dedication to the theme, she still carried through and was met with a positive response.

Later in the episode, however, doubts resurfaced once more for Spice during a conversation with Trinidadian soca singer Machel Matano. Machel offered Spice advice on accepting one's innate and natural beauty. The latter pushed her to abandon the need to bleach her skin to prove a point. She, instead, chose to carry through the agenda by simply accepting her beautiful melanin. 


The squad is growing increasingly tired of the animosity between Karlie Redd and Pooh Hicks. It does feel as though the back and forth between the two has gone on for the entire season. Moreover, some of the cast members began to blame Mimi for the whole thing because she invited Pooh to the Trinidad trip in the first place. In an effort to lay the tiring beef to rest, Karlie suggested for both her and Pooh to take a lie detector test. That way, we will all know once and for all, what really went down that night.

Although Mimi attempted to offer some insight into the Karlie & Pooh situation based on her recollections of the fateful night, she could only rely on faulty memory and assumptions. That is because, unfortunately, Mimi and other guests left the party before anyone could witness anything. The only thing left is for the truth to be unveiled. Kendra gladly took on the responsibility of administering the lie detector test and we expect to find out its results in the next episode (of course).  


Sierra and Akbar V are still beefing. Che Mack invited the two, unaware that they were at crosshairs, to workout at the gym. Prior to Akbar V's arrival, Che Mack updated Sierra on the ongoing situation with her baby father, Made Man. As you may recall, the DJ found out her man was cheating on her in a previous episode. Since then, she moved out with her daughter and attempted to move on from him. Though after Made Man was shot, Che Mack dropped everything to be by her baby daddy's side. Since then, she admitted to be caring for Made Man along with spending much more time with him than wanted. Though, Che Mack was firm on stating that she had no plans of getting back with him romantically because she does not trust him. 

As the two wrapped up their conversation, Che Mack admitted that Scrap did mention Sierra's name in passing. Sierra seemed cheerful and proceeded to disclose the drama which occurred with Akbar V during a conversation with Hiram Hicks & Stevie J. Shortly afterwards, Akbar V showed up and the two squabbled over the remnants of anger left from their previous encounter. Yikes! Clearly, Sierra and Akbar V won't be patching things up anytime soon. 


In the previous episode, Kirk revealed to his homies Joc & Scrappy that he was secretly communicating with his baby mother Jasmine. The latter was unbeknownst to his wife Rasheeda and despite her wishes for them not to be in contact. Well, evidently, Kirk did not try too hard to hide his mishaps because Rasheeda found out. During a swamp tour, Rasheeda requested to use her man's phone to take photos because hers died. Immediately, the reality TV star found out about the secret communication. The news led to much trouble for the couple, who worked so hard to rebuild the trust in their relationship.

Rasheeda felt she could no longer trust Kirk and was overly annoyed with the ordeal. She reached out to the other girls on the trip to know their thoughts. It was then understood that Rasheeda had to face Jasmine at some point. We expect the showdown to occur in the upcoming episodes. For now, though, Rasheeda chose to put the drama aside and focus on having a good time in Trinidad.