Louis C.K. was one of the many celebrities that got swallowed up by the #MeToo movement. After it was revealed that Louis pulled his penis out in front of several women, and masturbated in front of them, the comedian came out and admitted to his wrongdoings. He claimed that he felt it was okay at the time, since he asked the women prior to pulling his penis out. Still, in hindsight, he admitted that he was in a position of power over these women, and he didn't take into account that they felt pressured to oblige in fear of losing their jobs. Louis took a year off in self-imposed exile. Then, he reappeared in August for an unannounced set at the historic Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village, NY.

While several critics felt it was too soon for Louis to be back in the spotlight, others like Michael Che and Marlon Wayans stood up for him. Despite the ongoing drama, Louis decided to take the stage at the Comedy Cellar yet again this past weekend. The Hollywood Reporter got their hands on the audio from Louis' return to the stage, and he was met with thunderous applause as he began his set. It looks like Louis' career is back on the right track.