New Orleans Pelicans point guard Lonzo Ball appears to have refined his jump shot this off-season, so much so that he was able to hold his own against JJ Redick in a three-point shooting competition during Thursday's practice.

Through his first two seasons, Lonzo is shooting just 31.5% from behind the arc, while Redick, one of the game's most lethal shooters, is a career 41.3% shooter from deep. That said, it certainly looks like Pelicans fans can expect Ball's percentage to improve in the upcoming season.

Check out the footage below.

Lonzo missed almost half of last season with a sprained left ankle, and he has missed a total of 65 games in his first two seasons in the NBA, but that jumper is looking like a well-oiled machine as he heads into season three.

In an interview with ESPN back in July, Ball spoke about how excited he is for his first year in New Orleans, specifically the opportunity to run the floor with Zion Williamson.

"Man, I've never seen somebody that size move like him," Ball said of Williamson "... He's only 19, right? He's definitely a freak. I've never seen nothing like it.

"Honestly, you just got to run the lane, set screens and roll," Ball added. "With his game and with him getting a full head of steam, it's going to be very tough to stop him. So I think we play fast and get out on the break as soon as possible."

Zion, Lonzo, JJ and the rest of the new-look Pelicans will be in action when the NBA season opens on October 22, as they head to Toronto to take on the Raptors.