Upon asking about Lonzo's influences, he mentions his undying love of Future, citing his music as meditative. The mention of HNDRXX is enough to jog Big Boy's memory, prompting the host to revisit an old talking point. Lest we forget, the eldest Ball brother once claimed Future was simply better than Nas, closer to "real hip-hop" than the Queensbridge legend. Naturally, such a hot take was enough to cause a massive spike in Old Head Energy; some say that hair and beards seemed to gray in unison worldwide.

The moment Big Boy brings up Nas, however, Lonzo proceeds to simultaneously backpedal and double down. "I have no problem with him," explains Ball. "I think he's good, he's obviously a legend. I just don't think his music is like that. It's just my opinion." Big Boy isn't letting him off the hook quite so easily. "For one, you shouldn't have an opinion," says the host, channeling a magnificent sternness that only comes with experience. "You can't have an opinion!"

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Ball protests, asking "why not?" Big Boy is incredulous. "I don't know what's going to come out of this character's mouth," he marvels, while Ball chuckles. "So you didn't rock with Nas the way we rock with him. Is it different timing." "His music back then was like that," explains Ball. "But if I listen to it now, it's like, I'm not playing it. None of my friends are playing it." Big Boy suggests a changing of the innermost circle. "I think your friends are bad influences."

Lonzo seizes the opportunity. "Let's really get into this," he boldly suggests. "How many classic projects does [Nas] have? Honestly, because people be saying he's top five." Big Boy claims the mere asking of such a question is inherently disrespectful, but Lonzo maintains his curiosity. Big Boy does acquiesce, naming Illmatic before asking Lonzo to do the same for Future. "Future has put out nine projects in a row that's all hit," says Lonzo. "Dirty Sprite 2 is one of the best albums ever. 56 Nights one of the best mixtapes ever. What are we talking about here? Monster?! Like, come on." At this point, Big Boy is so flustered, all he can do is accuse Ball of being Katy Perry's backup dancer - check out the full exchange around the 15-minute mark. 

Should both parties come together and find common ground enjoying the music of both Nas and Future?  Or is the war destined to wage on? But ask yourself this - what happens when the young man becomes an Old Head, retaining the same principles of youth?