Earlier this year, it appeared as though the Big Baller Brand was in question after co-founder Alan Foster was accused of stealing over $1 million from Lonzo Ball. As you can imagine, LaVar Ball tried to salvage the situation and went on a mission to convince people that the brand was as strong as ever. Of course, that's not exactly true when you consider how the brand recently had a huge liquidation sale at a local gym. The Big Baller Brand is in shambles right now and no one understands that more than Lonzo.

In a recent trailer for the fifth season of the Ball In The Family, LaVar and Lonzo can be seen butting heads over the future of the brand. As you can tell, Lonzo is convinced that it's all over for the Big Baller Brand, while LaVar wants to desperately hold onto his imprint.

"Lonzo: The brand is demolished right now.

LaVar: That’s how you feel, the brand is demolished.

Lonzo: That’s how everybody feels.

LaVar: Who’s everybody?

Lonzo: The world.

LaVar: The brand is not demolished.

Lonzo: You got it, man."

It will be interesting to see how this storyline plays out on their reality show as we all know that LaVar can be stubborn about these kinds of things. Moving forward, the future of BBB will be one of the more entertaining storylines of the NBA season, especially if the Ball family patriarch can find a way to turn it around.