Yesterday, Logic posted the first video to his new YouTube gaming channel. Speaking over an in-game clip from Metal Gear Solid, he repeatedly emphasized that he created the channel first and foremost to have fun. "I'm making this channel because I wanna have fun," he says. "I wanna have a good time... for me this isn't about money, this is about just having a good time."

Logic says he wants to connect with fans and people who love video games; he wants it to feel like the viewer is his homie sitting on his couch and watching him play.

An avid gamer, Logic tells the camera he's beaten "The Last of Us" 10 times, beaten "Metal Gear Solid 5" three times, and "Metal Gear Solid 3" six or seven times. He seems to be interested primarily in adventure games and first-person shooters.

The channel will spotlight specific games with its "Today we Play" segment. Logic also hopes to game with fans and dabble in movie reviews, album reviews, and reflection on life experiences. His gaming channel has gained 87 thousand followers in less than 24 hours. Watch the first video below and subscribe to Logic's new gaming channel here.