Listen To Young Nudy & Offset Go In Over Pi'erre Bourne Production

Young Nudy -  Cancer Stick No Pressure Feat. Offset

  September 17, 2017 19:08
Cancer Stick No Pressure
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A highlight from the largely Pi'erre-produced "Nudy Land."

When "Cancer Stick No Pressure" first appeared on Nudy Land, it was a different version of the song without a beat from Pi'erre Bourne. A day or so later, the proper version took its place, and the rest is history.

Nudy Land is the new solo project from Nudy, following his Slimeball 1 & 2 mixtapes. Like those projects, NL finds Nudy working primarily with Pi'erre Bourne, the thrilling new producer best known for his work on Playboi Carti's "Magnolia" and across the rapper's self-titled debut. As strong as Pi'erre's work is with Carti, some of his best production can be found on Nudy's tapes (as well as his own The Life Of Pi'erre series), and Nudy Land is no exception. "Cancer Stick No Pressure" features a distorted, 8-bit-leaning synth lead, coupled with a deceptively melodic sub-bass line. Nudy and Offset are equally nimble in their respective deliveries, riding the bumps of the constantly ascending and descending bass as they put together quotables and earworms.

Pi'erre recently spoke to HNHH about his natural songwriting partnership with Nudy. "I get excited when Nudy comes into the studio, and this n*gga just do one take. And then I pull up another beat, and he do one take. And then I pull up ANOTHER beat, and he do one take," he said. "I'm like, man, we about to kill the game, because everyone else takes fucking forever for a sentence, and we knocking out songs.That showed me a lot, because when you think about it, if we're all in this quote-unquote race to be the best or whatever, we're kind of winning, because y'all are taking forever on this one fucking song, and we done knocked out ten. So it betters our chances, because we might have three great songs while you made that one great song.You can read the full interview here.

Nudy Land is available across all major streaming services. It also features collaborations with Richie Souf and Lil Yachty.

Quotable Lyrics:
Migo like Cinco de Mayo
I got the trap in my bio
Yeah, mini fourteen with the drum
I put your ass on a flyer
Uh, n---as out here really bums
Want take your bitch, I might buy her

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