Lil Yachty may have expensive taste, but that does not stop him from indulging in the foods from his humble beginnings. According to XXL, the rapper attended a dinner for Quality Control CEO's Pierre "Pee" Thomas. The dinner was scheduled to celebrate Thomas's birthday and consisted of a gourmet menu. The items included items such as chicken satay with peanut sauce, lobster wontons, miso-glazed sea bass, and wagyu--all of which did not seem to appeal to Boat's palate. The rapper shared a photo via his Instagram of the food, quoting: "Welp...I don't do anything on this menu." 

As such, the artist chose to call onto the convenience of Uber Eats to get something more fitting. Precisely, Yachty requested Uber Eats to deliver some good ol' McDonalds. The next photo which featured on the musician's Instagram was that of a wrapped Hot N' Spicy McChicken sandwich which suited Yachty much more than the original bougie dinner he was given. He made sure to thank Uber Eats for the service. And to note, Lil Yachty was not the only one skipping over the gourmet menu. The rapper later posted a video where he proclaimed that the Migos were attempting to share the McDonald's sandwich. "They all eating it," he laughed off.