Lil Yachty and Reebok Classic have today launched the latest colorway of the Aztrek: Reebok’s futuristic, off-road runner that was first introduced in 1993. The kicks were reintroduced back in July in two colorways - white, teal & black and cream, royal blue & pink - but they're now available in the always popular white, black and red color scheme.

Originally launched for all terrain 25 years ago, the Reebok Aztrek aimed to inspire people to take a different path. Combining functionality with unique style, designer Christian Tresser’s distinguishable features include the Aztrek’s asymmetrical toe design and Diamond Stud rubber outsole. Initially built for resisting abrasion and to provide stability and traction on all terrain, the sneaker featured innovative details. 

The newly unveiled Reebok Aztrek in white, black and red is available today via and other Reebok dealers for $90. The kicks are also available in several other unisex colorways including black, white, solar yellow and white, black, solar orange.

Check out the video embedded below, where Yachty discusses how the '90s influenced style and fashion in hip hop.