Lil Yachty continues to find himself in the spotlight as Summer '17 marches on.

The teenage rapper, who released his debut LP Teenage Emotions in late May, graces the cover of the FADER's Summer Music Issue this week, which includes a revealing interview in which Yachty peels back the layers of his new-found fame and tells it like it really is. For example, his age shows when he's asked about his busy social life. "I hate being alone. That’s why I like being with my friends: we’ve got energy, we’re social as hell. I’m not 30 or anything — I’m 19."

Later on, Yachty detailed his relationship with Coach K of Quality Control, which might be less equal than you think. "It makes things pretty one-sided sometimes. Like, technically the manager works for the artist. What the artist says goes. But I know Coach always has the best intentions, so sometimes he just tells me what to do. And I don’t really have any say. I mean, I have a say so, but for the most part I don’t really care to say anything."

Pete Rosenberg of HOT 97 calls Lil Boat "wise beyond his years" and it seems like everyone involved with Yachty's career, including the rapper himself, can't wait to see where it goes next.