In January, Nautica announced that Lil Yachty had been named ‘Creative Designer’ for the sailing brand, a match made in heaven given Lil Yachty’s boating motif. This came after Nautica and Urban Outfitters tapped Lil Yachty to model their holiday collection. Now the three are back at it, this time with the help of Lil Yachty’s crew The Sailing Team.

The whole crew models the Spring 2017 Lookbook for the upcoming collaborative collection between Nautica and Urban Outfitters. The lookbook doesn’t take place on a yacht or anywhere near water, instead showing The Sailing Team hanging around their native streets of Atlanta. The clothes are brightly colored, with vibrant yellows and blues used liberally. Items include windbreakers, pullover jackets with mesh pockets, swimming shorts and caps. Lil Yachty rocks a pair of especially chunky rec specs, although it's unclear if those are part of the Nautica collection or just Yachty's personal stash.

Everything is slated to drop today (although it’s not live quite yet). You can get it at select Urban Outfitters locations and online.