In an era where many young rappers are indulging in recreational Xanax use, few have actually included the drug as part of their moniker. And while Lil Xan previously struggled with addiction to Xanax, he has actually taken a stance against the drug, encouraging his fans to do the same. However, his name continues to give people mixed signals, and it sometimes feels as if his positive message is undermined by the ostensible celebration of Xanax usage. The fact is hardly lost on the Mexican rapper, who has been enjoying a newfound fame in the wake of his breakout single "Betrayed." 

During a stop in New York, the rapper was recently caught by TMZ, where he was asked whether or not he plans on changing his name to something less centered on Xanax. After telling his would be suitors to make sure to send ID photos when sliding into the Dm's, Xan reveals that he has has thought about changing his name. Like Rich Chigga, it would appear that Xan is toying with the idea of rapping under his birth name - Diego. "For right now, we gon' stay Lil Xan," he explains, "and later down the road I'll change it to Diego." 

The cameraman asks if Xan considers himself a role model (he does), and clowns him over a rumor that he still doesn't know how to tie his shoes. Catch the video below, and enjoy Lil Xan while he's still going by that moniker. The days of Diego may soon be upon us.