Over the last year, a few of the younger rappers have attempted to make a name for themselves off their slander of rap legends. While it may not have been intentional, Lil Xan became one of the most hated names in the industry after rating Tupac's clout levels astronomically low during an interview. With 03 Greedo taking things a step even further, the heat remained on Diego because of his status as one of the most promising up-and-comers. With his ascent coming to a halt, Xan is trying to work his way back into people's good books. However, he's still in the business of pissing off "old heads" as he claimed on his Instagram.

Xan has not been shy about how he's been affected by the increase of hateful messages he's received in the past. Going through a very public mental breakdown, Diego keyed his own car in a sudden cry for help. In a healthier mental state, the Redlands product decided to represent all of the new wave by penning a message to anybody critiquing the direction rap has gone in. "Were the new generation were new wave rappers,I don’t expect old heads to understand us but just know this our generation and we’re here to stay and piss you guys off lol," wrote Lil Xan, posting a photo of himself sitting atop his car.

Some faces of the younger generation, like Famous Dex, have been more open in their respect for those who came before him. Others, like Lil Xan, have completely disregarded the fact.