Back in 2009, a documentary on Lil Wayne called "The Carter" was released. There was much controversy around the doc, as it mainly chronicled the serious struggle with Codeine addiction Wayne was facing at the time. The rappper was not impressed with his portrayal in the film, and did all he could to quiet its release. The rapper also attempted to sue producer Quincy Jones III over his use of Weezy's music in the film. A couple of seizures, a missed court appearance, and a very colorful desposition video later, Wayne now owes Quincy $3.4 million for a counter-suit for sabatoging the marketing of the doc.

TMZ now reports that Quincy's lawyers have moved the judgement to Wayne's home state of Florida. There are reports that Jones' team is taking aim at the rapper's many assets to satisfy the debt, which include an $11 million mansion, and a Bugatti worth over a milli. 

Sources close to Wayne deny the claims however, indicating that Carter is worth over $100 Million, and should not have any problem paying off the judgement.

Tunechi has yet to comment on the situation, but let's revisit his desposition footage just because we can.

Never Forget.