These days you would have to live under a rock not to notice that Lil Wayne is seemingly everywhere. The superstar MC and Young Money label head has dominated the album charts with his latest release Tha Carter IV, which has remarkably sold over 1 million copies in little under a month. His emo-fueled single “How To Love” continues its omnipresent run as one of the most played radio tracks in the country, even getting live cover treatment from former Disney star and comeback pop star Demi Lovato. The self-described lyrical Goblin has found himself in the news with his alleged Jay-Z diss “It’s Good.” And when he’s not expressing his disappointment over the Republican backed Tea-Party to VIBE, Wayne still finds time for the obligatory cameo—this time popping up on the Neptunes-produced N.O.R.E. single “Finito” Now comes word that a much-talked about collaboration with the Bawse may become a reality.

According to Wayne, a project with Miami rap don Rick Ross is being eyed. For Weezy, who seems to have a real synergy with Ricky as evident by their last bruising tag-team statement “John,” working with the stout rapper has become effortless. “It’s really easy,” Wayne told VIBE. “I just know how to jump in Rick’s zone and I’m sure he does the same when it’s a song with me on it. I guess it’s just some kind of musical connection.”

Wayne, who is also rumored to also be working on a joint album with his platinum Young Money artist and cohort Drake, believes that being able to collaborate with other acts is the true measure of talent. “As an artist, I can get in your world,” explains Wayne. “That’s the beauty of music for me. That’s what it’s all about: just adjusting to where I’m at musically, adjusting to the belly of the beast and making the most of it [with other artists].”