The sports world is mourning the death of beloved television reporter Craig Sager. Known for his colorful suits and warm smile, he succumbed to his two-year battle with leukemia Thursday afternoon.

After sharing a brief message of respect on Twitter, Lil Wayne recorded a minute-long video eulogy for Sager and posted it to Instagram.

"Wassup, this is for Mr. Craig Sager," Wayne began. "Sir, rest in peace. You'll be gone but never forgotten. And you will be missed, enormously missed by a nation of people from afar, from those who didn't get a chance to meet you, and number one, by your family, who my prayers go to."

"I never got the chance to meet you, unfortunately, and it's something that I wish I was able to do," he continued. "But again, from over here, from afar, you was always admired, you was always loved, and everything you ever worn was always number one in my book."

Wayne revealed that Sager's death had put him on the verge of tears. "Today I actually got a little choked up, and it was an emotion that I haven't felt in a long time," he said. "It showed me how strong respect can be. For someone I've never met."

Watch Wayne's Instagram post below.