Yesterday, Lil Peep's posthumous Come Over When You're Sober II kicked off its rollout with a new single "Cry Alone." While many fans rejoiced at seeing Peep's lost second album, the drop seemed to trigger something in former friend and collaborator Lil Tracy. The rapper, inebriated by his own admission, took to Instagram to let fly a heated rant, largely directed at Peep's circle of Fat Nick and Bexey. 

"Ya'll n***s fakin' bruh," vents Tracy. "Suck a fuckin' dick you fat fuck, Fat Nick suck a dick n***a, sup n****? Fuck all these n****z bro, I'm calling you out." He continues, clearly in an agitated state. "Let me see these n****z bro, I'm slapping shit." Eventually, Tracy cools down to a degree, explaining the reason behind his anger. "When I fell out with Peep, everybody was 'aw man, fuck Tracy man, he crazy man, he don't know what he talking about...We going on tour with Peep, fuck this n***a man.' Look what happen man," says Tracy. "That's when Peep, RIP, that's when that shit happened." He is, of course alluding to Lil Peep's death, seeing as he passed away while on tour.

"Fat Nick suck a dick n****, Bexey suck a dick n****," says Tracy. "I'm not saying ya'll wasn't friends with Peep. It's not even about being best friends with Peep. I don't care about that shit, cause me and Peep weren't even cool at the end. It's the way all these n***s carrying all this shit bruh, it's lame! Ya'll going off a n***a that ain't even here no more." 

He continues to set his sights on Fat Nick, who clearly played a role in ruffling his feathers. "Peep told me he didn't even fuck with you like that," says Tracy. "Don't lie, what happened on Peep birthday? Fat Nick gave him a hundred percocets for his birthday. What kind of friend is that? I miss my n****a peep, bruh! On gang!"

Check out the heated video below.