Lil Scrappy's counting his blessings right now. The rapper was recently involved in a horrible car accident that left him and his friend hospitalized.

According to TMZ, Lil Scrappy was involved in a car accident over the weekend that left him unconscious. The report says Scrappy and his friend were driving on early Sunday morning after they left King Of Diamonds strip club in Miami. The police found Scrappy as well as his friend, Ca$ino Roulette, on the ground outside of the car following the accident. 

Sources close to the situation say that Scrappy believes his friend was behind the wheel at the time of the accident. He claims that his friend fell asleep behind the wheel which ultimately led them to totaling their car as they crashed into a pole. Despite this, the police claim Scrappy was the one behind the wheel at the time of the accident. 

After the police found them, they say that neither Scrappy or Ca$ino was able to coherently explain what happened at the time. They say there were no witnesses nor any citations issued. Police say they car was likely going too fast for the conditions.

The report says that he didn't remember how he ended up in the hospital or who brought him there.

Scrappy's currently seriously injured and has a broken foot that needs to be operated. Ca$ino is currently in ICU.

Scrappy's wife and mother are currently at his bedside.

He also updated his fans on Instagram. Peep that below.