Lil Pump, despite his attention-grabbing antics (for the wrong reasons) on social media, has staked his claim as potentially the hottest young rapper on the scene right now. Thanks to his hit single "Gucci Gang," one of the tracks on his massively successful self-titled LP, the former Harvard man has risen above many of his Soundcloud contemporaries and found a home in hip-hop's mainstream. Now, the emcee is ringing in the holiday season by adding a new canine companion to his entourage.

In a new video clip that Pump posted to his Snapchat, he showed off his new dog, a fluffy white ball of cuteness who, while certainly past the newborn puppy stage, isn't quite fully grown by the looks of things. The dog's name? Esskeetit, according to the rapper, who belted out the moniker at full volume in the video. There's no telling if the dog will be something that accompanies Pump on the road and to concerts or other public appearances, but one thing is for sure: some fans weren't having any of it.

In the comments section to the above Instagram repost of the clip, many users chimed in by saying things like "poor dog," with one fan going so far as to say that Lil Pump had already "ruined" the canine's life. Perhaps a bit extreme, but given the rapper's public persona and how erratic his behavior might seem to the outside world, hopefully one of his handlers is at least going to care for the dog on the regular if Pump cannot.

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