Lil Pump is primarily known as one of the hip-hop world's fastest-rising talents. In a post-"Gucci Gang" world, the Florida native's profile has grown considerably, along with the amounts being deposited into his bank account. In addition to that, many of his fans know him as one of the scene's most enthusiastic user of marijuana. The rapper, who is often seen in pictures and videos with a lit blunt in his hand, has never been super candid about how much he smokes on the regular, but he recently dropped some cold, hard facts on social media to help answer that question.

In a video that he shared online recently, young Pump revealed that he goes through in the neighborhood of three or four ounces per day and, according to him, that's the only way to do it. "Hey man, a lot of y'all say y'all n***as smoke weed, y'all don't be smoking weed man. Smoking a quarter a day ain't smoking weed," he said. "I be blowing down 3-4 zips a day," he added. 

There's no question that everyone's tolerance for weed will differ greatly, especially based on their own experience smoking in general, but that's still a pretty high number, even for someone with Pump's financial means. There's no telling if that amount will increase or decrease over time, but one thing is for sure: if you're trying to find Lil Pump in a crowd of people, just follow the cloud of smoke when it moves.

You can also check out the latest entry in Lil Pump's stage dive body of work, done during a NYC concert, here.