Generally, when one is getting their mugshot taken, the circumstances lend themselves to a dour expression. One that suggests: "I fuc*ed up." Yet such is not the way that Lil Pump operates. In fact, his ever-expanding collection of charges seems to be growing with every passing month. Yesterday, Pump found himself catching heat from the long arm of the law, after TSA found an abundance of drugs in his luggage.

Though it was unclear whether the discovery would yield any legal consequence, it would appear that police have been growing impatient with Pump's reckless behavior. Not long after the news broke, a new mugshot has emerged to see the light of day. In it, Pump seems to be immensely satisfied with himself, smiling as if to suggest a deeper hidden meaning. In reality, the man can make light all he wants. Yet the sad truth is, withdrawals will feel all the more difficult from within jail walls.

It's sad to see a young artist show such reckless disregard for his own well-being, and the idea that Pump would be proud of this is difficult to comprehend. Yet such a course of action appears to be this way; after all, he's come this far.  "1985, I arrived," rapped J. Cole, on "1985," "33 years, damn I'm grateful I survived." With that in mind, we can only hope the young rapper comes to realize that some things should not be taken for granted.