It's been over five months since we lost Lil Peep. He only released one album before his passing with Come Over When You're Sober. His producer, Smokeasac, revealed in February that he's been working relentlessly on part two of the album and that Peep did his vocals prior to his death. However, it seems as if many fans eagerness to hear the posthumous record have led them to harass the producer during what is still a painful time.

Smokeasac says he's been getting harassed by fans for Peep's Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 2. He explained that he's been working relentlessly on a daily basis to make sure the album comes out right and does right by Peep as well as his fans. However, he explained that while he's eager to release the music, it's been equally painful to hear his best friend's voice in his ear knowing that he should be sitting right now to him.

"While some of you guys are busy harassing me I have to go through the heart ache of hearing Gus’s voice over and over for hours while I polish these tracks up In the studio. can you imagine how I feel? my best friend is gone I’m working with his raw vocals wondering why the fuck he’s not next to me... i try my fucking hardest everyday to not freak out." He said.

He further explained that he wants the fans to have it but he can't leak it.

Peep the full statement below.