UPDATE: The rapper shut down the rumors and tweeted he "was just trolling sorry."

It's no arguing that Lil Nas X has been riding high as of late after the controversy surrounding his "Old Town Road" single has made him the topic of hip hop and country music conversations. After Billboard removed the single from country charts, Bill Ray Cyrus jumped on the remix, taking the song to #1 on the Billboard 100 chart. 

Will Smith even got in on things by fusing clips of his Wild Wild West movie with "Old Town Road," telling Lil Nas X that he wants a feature in the remix's music video, should there ever be one. Hip hop artists across the board have lent their support for the rising star as they feel he's been shunned by Billboard, but is all his attention Beyoncé-worthy?

An hour ago, Lil Nas X tweeted a mysterious message that put the Beyhive's stingers on alert. "Ready to tell them @beyonce 😏🤨🙈🙈!?" he said. Just five minutes later, he tweeted a photo of two emojis: a smiling face with a cowboy hat and a snake. He shared that same emojis image earlier today on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé fans are demanding an explanation. "This ain't true, don't let him play you!" one user wrote. "I would die," said another. "Lol Beyoncé probably just listened to his song that’s it," said an unbeliever. Most commenters told him to stop playing with their emotions, but one person gave him fair warning that he should tread lightly when messing with these stans. "Dawg, the Beyhive [is] ruthless. Remember Keri Hilson. Don’t speak on Bey’s name if you ain’t for real."

Do you think Bey would collaborate with Lil Nas X or is this just clout?