Lil Mouse, a thirteen-year-old rapper, has only been in the game for short minute, but he's no stranger to the usual rapper antics, including trouble with the law. Last we heard about Lil Mouse, the event he was performing at got shot up, leaving seven people injured. Now, more violence has been reported in Lil Mouse's life. The small rapper has been accused of threatening and assaulting a third grader (although Mouse is only thirteen, that's still a kid half his age).

Chicago's Fox 32 News reported on the incident, speaking to the grandmother of the eight-year-old boy who was threatend. Lil Mouse reportedly threatened to kill the younger boy for snitching. Lil Mouse slapped him in the hall and told him, "when we catch you we are going to kill you." The grandmother explained that the boy was scared, and thus is being transferred to a different elementary school. The little boy's grandmother filed the police report last week, after her grandon's incident with Lil Mouse in the school hallway.

The grandmother said of the situation, "I wanna pack up and just go. I've already lost one child and I don't want to lose another one." She explained later that her family has been the target of rival gangs in the neighhorhood, ever since her sixteen-year-old son died in 2009.

After the third-grader went to the office, other eighth grade kids started joining Lil Mouse in threatening him. "The students, the eighth graders have grouped up together…made a phone call and said he's snitching, He need to get killed for snitching," the grandmother said.

Lil Mouse reportedly spent hours at a South Side police station last week, and was charged with assault. The eight-year-old boy he threatened received an emergency transfer out of West Pullman Elementary School. It is unclear at this time if Lil Mouse will be expelled from West Pullman.