Lil Kim has found her way into the headlines a lot recently, though rarely for her music. The rap star was most recently in the news for dismissing allegations of her face being "physically distorted". Kim is keeping with her streak of non-musical headlines with the announcement that she will be suing her lawyer over bad licensing agreements. 

Kim is accusing both her lawyer and his business partner of tricking her into bad licensing deals, which have provided the two men with a 44% stake to license her brand names. Sunny Barkats and Andrew Ro have refused to back out of their deal, to which Kim realized she was on the short end of in December 2012.

Barkats reffered to the lawsuit as a “frivolous” attempt from Kim to break her contract.

In other Kim news, during the same interview in which her use of plastic surgery was called into question, the rapper discussed mourning the loss of friend and collaborator Biggie Smalls, whose untimely demise occurred 16 years ago today.

Kim spoke of how she had previously dismissed attending or performing at events on this anniversary, but feels she can finally move on. "That's my first event ever on March 9 because I used to get offered events a lot and I said 'no,' " she explained. "I never celebrate that day. It's so funny because I can always feel when that day is approaching. I get so depressed. I get so sad. It happens before March, in February. I can feel it coming and I used to all say 'no. I'm just now getting over that fact, and it's how many years later."