Back in 2010, Lil B teased some very memorable artwork for a project titled Black Ken. While he continued to release a large amount of music over the next few years, Ken never came together, and thus became something of a legend among the Based God's fans. This week, Lil B made some of his longtime followers very happy when he hinted on Twitter that the project would finally see release.

When fans (including evil pharma bro Martin Shkreli) asked more about the project, the Based God shared some promising words about the tape. "What I have on my hands is THE future," he wrote, before revealing Black Ken would be released within the next two months.

Just today, Brandon suggested that the tape would be a tribute to the "legend" Kanye West, who was recently hospitalized.

View the artwork, designed by Benjamin Marra, in the gallery above. Marra also did the artwork for Lil B's 6 Kiss as well as the covers for Bricc Baby's Nasty Dealer 1 and 2.