Lil Boosie has been behind bars for quite some time now. Despite beating his murder charge, the Baton Rouge rapper landed himself an eight year bid for smuggling drugs into two different prisons, all while awaiting his original sentencing. As a result of his incarceration, Boosie hasn't done an interview for a long time. Spin recently got the privilege of getting the first dialogue with the rapper in a while, in which he reveals that he is writing more than ever, and believes he will come back stronger once freed.

Boosie spoke on how his jailtime prevented him from reaching the popularity he felt he deserved, but found hope in the fact that fans idolized him. "I've coped by knowing in my heart that I'm someone special who many people love. If you lose hope in yourself, you'll make your time hard. I always felt that my mission wasn't complete. I feel I haven't reached the star power that was destined for me," Boosie said. "That makes me keep writing and thinking of ways to better myself as a man and artist. When it feels like the world is on my shoulders, I look at my pictures from when I was free and it gives hope and determination to pushing."

Boosie commented on how his music is misunderstood. "The state painted my music wrong," he said. "My music is violent, but not all of it. I have songs about God, my kids, and telling other people's kids to chill out and go to school and do right. My violent music helps most kids avoid that street life because it scares them. My fans aren't blind to the consequences." 

He continued to argue that he was targeted, due to having so strong a voice. "When you get a black man who does more for the community than the public officials, people in those positions don't like it. When you're a black man living in homes they can't afford, they don't like that," Boosie argued. "I was like a bug who didn't want to go away for them. You turn on the radio you hear me. You turn on the TV you see me. When they heard their kids singing my songs that irritated some people." 

His imprisonment has not silenced the rapper however, as he feels he is writing the best music of his career, saying his music has transcended the genre of hip hop. "I have about 500 songs at the moment. I'm ready to get in the studio with the best producers. I feel that I'm making the best music I've ever made. The more I go through in life the better my music gets and it's been crazy the last three years," Boosie reported. "I keep my music heartfelt and stick to making real music. I wouldn't even say it's hip-hop music. My music is 'reality rap.' Hip-hop music can make you dance and bob your head, but it can't make you cry or touch your heart like reality rap."

Boosie remains confident that he'll see release soon. The completion of his G.E.D. and good behavior may cut the rappers sentence down."I'm just blessed to get another chance at freedom. Life dishes what you least expect at the time you least expect it. The test is how we respond to it," said Boosie. "This situation forced me to look at things differently. I had to suffer to learn things about myself, those surrounding me, and God. He put me through this pain for me to come back stronger."