It would appear that the "Wear Orange" group text went through unimpeded. Though coordinated the three may be, one has to wonder if they're on the same page where "BARS" are concerned. Flex's love, nay, unequivocal need for "BARS" has been well documented; some say it is the very lifeblood upon which he survives. In any case, he seems cautiously optimistic that Baby will deliver on that front. As we all know, Funk Flex operates under a "BYOB" (bring your own bars) mindset. Should you fail to do so, risk losing his respect for all eternity.

Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Baby is swiftly handed familiar territory, as his Drip Harder selection of “Never Recover” fills the studio. Baby gets to work, setting things off with a well-placed Learjet reference. "Goin’ crazy, had a hell of a year, big dog when I look in the mirror," spits the Quality control rapper, while Flex sits back, his head nodding accordingly. Though the promise of "BARS" in the traditional sense goes undelivered, it's fair to say that Flex can, and has, survived off "Vibe" when need be. 

Peep Lil Baby's foray into Funk Flex's domain, mere days before the arrival of his upcoming Street Gossipwhich drops on November 30th. It is not, as Funk Flex mistakenly claims, out now.