Especially after Lil B dominated the conversation during the NBA Playoffs this year, it's been clear that the Bay Area cult hero has influence that extends far beyond the music world. He's lectured at universities across the country, written his own book and remained outspoken on issues of race, class and discrimination throughout his career. Yesterday, CNN got him to explain his thoughts on the upcoming presidential election.

While formerly a Hillary Clinton supporter (as evidenced by the line "Shout-outs to Hillary Clinton. You gonna win that presidency" on 2010's "Bitch I'm Bill Clinton), B said he's changed his tune, and now supports Bernie Sanders. "Once the people started telling me about Bernie Sanders and comparing what he was doing back in his younger days and what [Clinton] was doing," B said, "It made me kind of look at her different -- not really respect her as much as I thought. She didn't have any part in trying to march against segregation. She was just a follower."

Last month, he tweeted his support for Sanders: