Yesterday (October 21st) was the first day of Rolling Loud’s West Coast festival, with many big names from the hip-hop community descending upon the Bay Area to perform in what is being touted as one of the biggest shows of the calendar year. One of the most outspoken men there is Lil B, a rapper who is known for stirring the pot on social media and not afraid to speak his mind. However, a beef that potentially started on Twitter with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, after B said that repped the New York sound more than the current crop of NYC talent, turned violent when A Boogie and his crew supposedly jumped the BasedGod backstage.

“A Boogie and his whole crew just jumped me in the back, and beat me up in the back. That s**t crazy, man,” he announced when he took the stage on Saturday afternoon. However, the rapper wanted to put a positive spin on what happened and refused to clap back at A Boogie when given the chance. "It’s all love," he added. "I don’t promote violence. I’m never with the violence." Later on that night, he responded to the incident even further via Twitter, posting several consecutive updates that not only continued to preach the same anti-violence message, but also forgave A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and his crew for what happened.

"A Boogie With A Hoodie and his crew jumped me don’t no how many of em it was but it’s all good," continued Lil B. "I love y’all and I forgive y’all LOVE." He also urged his fans to refrain from violent retaliation by using the power of kindness over the power of fists. By the sound of it, he wanted to move on from the negativity of the situation as quickly as possible. "Use me as an example," he said. "I was violently jumped by A Boogie [...] I was 1 deep no security its good I forgive them love y’all. Just because someone hurts you does not mean you need to retaliate! I love the people who jumped me I mean that stay positive[and safe]." His followers on Twitter were also quick to react to what happened with messages of praise and love for B, asking him to continue spreading his gospel of positivity and acceptance. You can check out some of those Twitter reactions below.