Earlier this week, New York Jets running back Le'Veon Bell took to social media to issue a formal apology to all of the fantasy football players that he let down in 2018. He also encouraged those same owners to draft him ahead of the 2019 season - and he reiterated that stance on Thursday.

Bell's post from earlier this week reads:

"this is loooong overdue!! but I want to take a moment to apologize to all the fantasy owners who picked me last year, I’m sorry I couldn’t pull through for y’all...but trust me, this year’s about to be wayyyy different, I’m bringing the 🏆🏆 this year 😈😈"

Speaking with the media at practice on Thursday, Bell addressed the fantasy football community again.

"A lot of people picked me not even knowing if I was coming back and things like that, but that's what I was really sorry about. Not 'cause I sat out, but I'm sorry about not being able to communicate with the fans that I'm not playing. A lot of people feel like they wasted their money and things like that - that's what I apologized for. So, I'm sorry again."

When asked about where he should be drafted, Bell quickly responded, "First." 

You buying what he's selling? Check out his full comments in the video embedded below.