Rumors of Space Jam 2 have been floating around for a long time now. Fans have eagerly awaited for the arrival of the film which is currently being filmed as we speak. LeBron James is set to take the lead role which should be interesting. We haven't seen him flex his acting chops too heavy just yet. But that doesn't mean that James won't have revered actors on board for the new Space Jam. 

Following his appearance in the biggest film of the summer, Avengers: Endgame, Don Cheadle's is set to co-star alongside LeBron James in Space Jam 2. Cheadle's role in the film has yet to be revealed to the public but James did confirm to the public that the legendary actor was set to appear in the film. "We’re actually shooting scene together right now! Ha. #Legend #SpaceJam2," he wrote on Twitter.

Lebron James recently shared behind the scenes footage of the set on his social media platforms. Hopefully, with the film in action right now, we could expect Space Jam 2 to drop sometime soon. Of course, we also expect them to enlist some heavy-hitters for the film's soundtrack. Considering LeBron James' relationship with 2 Chainz, it would not be surprising if we end up hearing the Atlanta rapper on the film's OST.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on Space Jam 2